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That's the number our customers care about, so it's the number that we care about. When you work from first principles, it's obvious how to improve the business. In our case, there are two ways to move the needle: increase FLOPS with faster hardware and better core software, or, reduce cost $s by inventing more efficient manufacturing and business processes, using more efficient components, or writing software that let our customers do more with less.

Current Openings:

VP of Sales

Build and grow our sales organization from the ground up. You have 10+ years of experience building world-class enterprise sales organizations and selling into the C-suite.

Please contact our CEO, Stephen Balaban, if you think you're a fit: (802) 598-6343.

Manufacturing Technician

Work at a startup and surround yourself with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence experts building powerful research computers. Walking distance from Caltrain station.

- Computer assembly (Motherboard, CPU, Memory, GPU)
- Software installation (Automated command line tool operation)
- Testing
- Packaging & Shipping (working with FedEx to schedule pickups)

Please email your resume to

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