iOS Face Recognition API

An iPhone running our Face Recognition API

Including Face Recognition on iOS is easy

The code snippet below is all you need to get started.

NSURL *urlfiles = [NSURL URLWithString:@"<file path goes here>"]
NSDictionary *headers = @{@"X-Mashape-Key": @"<your mashape key>"};
NSDictionary *parameters = @{ @"files": urlfiles, @"urls": @"<image urls (comma separated) go here>"};
UNIUrlConnection *asyncConnection = [[UNIRest post:^(UNISimpleRequest *request) {
	[request setUrl:@""];
	[request setHeaders:headers];
	[request setParameters:parameters];
}] asJsonAsync:^(UNIHTTPJsonResponse *response, NSError *error) {
	NSInteger code = response.code;
	NSDictionary *responseHeaders = response.headers;
	UNIJsonNode *body = response.body;
	NSData *rawBody = response.rawBody;

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